Imagining a world without disease

The increasing prevalence of chronic illness demands change in our healthcare system. Fortunately, technology and data can help us create more integrated, patient-centric solutions that have the potential to address disease along the entire continuum of health, including early detection, prevention, interception and cures. The building blocks are in place, let’s co-create the solutions!

In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Pharmaceutica


  • Uberizing Clinical Trials

    Bring clinical trials into the community by utilizing telemedicine and healthcare resources around the patient.

    With JLABS and Janssen

  • Patient-Driven Research

    Empower patients to take the initiative in research by leveraging their own medical data and studying what is meaningful for them.

    With JLABS and Janssen

  • Using Real-World Data in Research

    Improve access to real-world health data in the context of increasing privacy concerns and GDPR.

    With JLABS and Janssen

  •  Preventing youth cigarette smoking

    Prevent young people from becoming addicted, long term smokers.

    With JLABS and Janssen

  • Early awareness of diabetes

    Drive early awareness of type 2 diabetes.

    With AstraZeneca

  • T2 Diabetes patient communication

    Help patients better understand type 2 diabetes and help them voice their needs.

    With AstraZeneca

  • T2 Diabetes condition management

    Empowering type 2 diabetes patients and families to take care of the lifetime management of the disease.

    With AstraZeneca

  • Hospital 2050

    Help the healthcare sector prepare for the future of hospitals and you could start piloting your project in the Belgian healthcare sector.

    With In4Care

Workshops and More


Annelies Vankeirsbilck


15 years experience in the pharma industry with clinical, medical and market access expertise, mainly in area of cardiovascular renal metabolic domain. Always looking for new opportunities, overcome different kind of challenges in health care and think broader to improve the life of patients.

Bart Collet

Digital Health

Bart is a digital health innovator. He is director of a care institution for the elderly, has organised numerous events and sits on various advisory boards (SXSW, ICT&Health, Rockstart Health, etc) in the digital health space. Bart is helping In4Care set up a process of continuous care innovation.

Guenter Huhle

Health Theme Curator

Guenter is the Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS EMEA. Guenter is experienced in Business modeling, Licensing, Merger & Acquisitions, Science, Medical and Market access in Healthcare. He privately supports start-up businesses as investor and entrepreneur and has founded Corevas® in 2015.

Julie Vranken

Mobile Health Innovation

As a Biomedical Scientist I specialized myself in mobile healthcare innovations and solutions the past 3 years. I’ve been a proud researcher within the Mobile Health Unit, a research organization of Hasselt University, known for its unique collaboration with Jessa Hospital (Hasselt) and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (Genk).

Michael Creek


I'm a professional freelance facilitator. I design tools to get people talking about ethical and social questions in science and policy, from one-off workshops to long-term processes. My work is all about finding dynamic, participatory, innovative ways of structuring conversations that work towards consensus.

Pieter Van Bochaute

Pharma Medico-Marketeer

Bio-engineer and PhD in biomolecular sciences. 5y+ experience in the thriving pharma industry, translating ground-breaking science via medical and marketing functions in the cardiometabolic area at AstraZeneca to ultimately help improve patients lifes.

Valerie Storms

Digital Health Innovation

Graduated as doctor in Bioscience Engineering and now project manager at the Mobile Health Unit (Hasselt University, Hospital East-Limburg and Jessa Hospital). Expertise in research, innovation and implementation of mobile health applications for chronic diseases, in-hospital technology validation, Health Technology Assessment and how to apply for research funding.


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