Financial services that boost the potential of all

While banks still do an admirable job playing their instrumental role in the economy, new entrants – like you – are needed to address at least two important challenges : 1) improving access to financial services to empower them economically, and 2) channeling investment into the low-carbon, circular and resource-efficient economy.


  • Sustainable investments

    Unlock the full potential of sustainable finance and investment in the low-carbon, circular and resource-efficient economy.

Workshops and More


Emmanuel Mossay

Regenerative Economy Tools

Expert in Regenerative Economy projects (Enterprises, Associations, NGO's and Institutions), Expert in Circular Economy (Parliament of Wallonia), Invited-Professor about New Economy Models & Tools (UCL-ECAM-HEC-Henallux-EPHEC-ICHEC), Guest Speaker at the Belgian Parliament, co-Author of books (Shifting Economy). Ecosystemic models & Tools developper, Strategic Adviser of Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation)

Fabian Vandenreydt

Curator Finance Theme

Fabian's key focus is on new business models for global digital finance. Executive Chairman at B-Hive Europe. Owner at FabianVDR Advisory Services. Previousy Head of Securities Markets, Innotribe & SWIFT Institute at SWIFT. Also worked at Capco & JPMorgan.

Francois Chung

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Business Analyst at Fujitsu, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Koen Vanderhoydonk

Fintech and Pitching

The financial sector is changing rapidly and many challenges are ahead of us. My passion is to innovate the banking industry and my mission is to actively support and accommodate this transformation. Let's collaborate!

Marc Toledo

Facilitator Finance Theme

Serial entrepreneur with a nice success story in the telecom sector. Now Managing Director of Bit4you and Chainius solutions working hard on blockchain evangelisation. We just launched the first crypto exchange in Belgium in presence of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Decroo.

Maxim Korotkov

Innovative FinTech & Business Model

My specialization is in managing teams and bringing to success complex programs in FinTech. I have technical (Computer Science) and managerial (MBA) backgrounds; experience working for big organizations and advising start-ups. Can help you with essence of financial technologies, business models and management toolset.

Sebastien Mortier

Sustainable Finance

Sebastien have worked for 14 years in the financial sector in Belgium and abroad. He is currently conducting research and organising campaigns on sustainable finance at FairFin. FairFin is a socio-cultural organization encouraging people and organisations to put the financial system at the service of society.


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