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Millions of children around the world still can’t go to school or have access to deplorably bad education, which is penalising them for life. Even in Europe, we are leaving many behind, with educational inequality remaining high. So join us in building more equitable education that prepares us all for a more knowledge-intensive economy.


  • Empower migrants

    Find a way to improve access to training programmes for migrants and prevent worsening alienation.


    Find a way to reconnect with the young adults who are not in employment, education or training.


    Address the challenges of our educational system, as perceived by high school students.

  • Quality education and inclusiveness

    Find a way to create a school environment that is inclusive, while maintaining high quality education for all.

  • Easy access to lifelong learning

    Help build the digital platform that will support an ecosystem of lifelong learning.

    With Syntra Vlaanderen


    Find a way to create solutions which increase the quality and equity of education from an early age on.


    Find a way to engage community stakeholders in youth’s education.

Workshops and More


Ange Raïssa Uzanziga

Education Theme Curator

As project facilitator my role is to facilitate synergies between different organisations. Also I support early stage entrepreneurs in the design and implementation of their projects. I love ideation sessions. I think there is a magic factor to it.

Dimitri Verboomen

Education, Digital, Communication

BSF promotes access to knowledge for under-served adults and children around the world. We adapt Khan Academy in French and train educators to use digital tools. We run Cyber Heroes program in Belgium to teach cybersecurity and digital citizenship to 8-14 years old. Experience in marketing, IT, entrepreneurship.

Judith Caeyers

Students View on Education

Being part of Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel I have something interesting to share about education. I am experienced with lobbying, going to school and participation on different levels: on a local level, at a national and even at an international level. (Like wow, I don’t even believe this myself)

Lina Karimi

Digital Learning

After studying language didactics and digital learning, I worked for 4 years in an organisation for migrant and refugee women where I coordinated the professional integration programme, and taught literacy and French.

Lina Kusaite

Creativity, Outbox Thinking, Intuition

Lina Kusaite is looking into how artistic practices and permaculture principals can support connection between wilderness, art and education systems for more sustainable futures. Lina designs creative, nature centered workshops. Works as illustrator and designs her own coaching methodologies for individuals and groups using improvisation and art tools.

Michael Moonen

Business for Education

Problem solver born to build bridges between business and technology. Supporting enterprises to share their knowledge allowing individuals to grow. Future Proof Education -workshop 3.

Paul Preaux


Gluon is a platform combining Art, Science and Technology. The research, artworks and prototypes made it possible to offer a new way to view, understand and criticise our technology-driven society. Gluon also offers workshops aimed at promoting digital integration for Belgian youth.

Pieter Sprangers

Educational Design

Pieter Sprangers is an educational designer and educational futurist. He lives in parallel worlds : academic (teacher and researcher) and entrepreneur (innovator in human processes - educational designer). He is passionate about learning because it is like 'oxygen' for human beings.

Rozina Spinnoy

Design Thinking & Strategy

Rozina is passionate about the role Design can play in our changing society. Tackling complex societal issues and not afraid to take on a challenge. Continually advocating the benefits of collaborative creative economy. Designing projects with the UN SDGs at the core. Passionate about 'Designing Inclusive Communities'.

Sebastiano Olivo

Web Development

Developer, trainer and digital enthusiast. My everyday challenge is to bring to live any digital product whether the idea comes from, students, start ups or established companies.

Sophia De Backer

Students View on Education

I might be one of the youngest experts at Hack Belgium, but because of my experience with participation in education, lobbying, being confronted with different school systems internationally and undergoing education every. single. day., you will find my ideas and advice very helpful.

Steven Ceuppens

Technology and Education Specialist

Steven has been working for mainly inner city youth for nearly 20 years now - from the classroom to the ministry of education and back - Steven has a broad view on anything education and is the current innovation manager for Antwerp City Education.

Vickie Dekocker

Apprenticeships, Edtech

Vickie Dekocker is responsible Innovation within Syntra Flanders, and Secretary of the Flemish Partnership Dual Learning. From this position she is point of contact for various partners (education and work partners as well as private partners) to further develop the apprenticeship system in Flanders.


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