Getting our country moving, fast, clean and safe

We’re the so-called crossroads of Europe but the movement of goods and people is increasingly hobbled by congestion. Transport is also responsible for 20% of our total greenhouse gas emissions, it shortens our lives through air pollution and it kills more than 700 people a year through road accidents. Radical ideas for transport are required!


  • Mobility for the on-demand economy

    Create sustainable mobility solutions for the on-demand economy.

  • Inclusive digital mobility solutions

    Create digital mobility solutions for anyone, regardless of income, disability and age.

  • Mobility data and you

    Make mobility data transparent for better decision making.

  • Alternatives to Car Ownership

    How can we better inform people about air pollution?

    With Greenpeace

  • Sustainable mobility and youth

    How can we encourage young people to use more sustainable mobility alternatives?

    With GoodPlanet


    Young people for inclusive on-demand transport.

    With Taxistop


    Looking for opportunities to improve the air quality by public transport.

    With De Lijn


    Meeting the need for Smart Mobility Solutions

    With Siemens

Workshops and More


Dr. Imre Keseru

Urban Mobility Curator

Dr Imre Keseru is a senior researcher and team leader for urban mobility at VUB-MOBI. His main research themes include participatory evaluation of urban mobility projects, co-creation for mobility planning and analysis of travel behaviour.

Emily Kluyskens


As an educational collaborator in the mobility team, I contribute on a daily basis to improving the mobility of our youngest citizens. I am in constant contact with schools, so I am in the heart of the subject to help in the best way to meet these challenges.

Ischa Lambrechts

Mobility as a Service & Smart mobility

As the mobility advisor of BECI, Ischa Lambrechts is the leading link for mobility solutions within the Brussels enterprise community. In this role, Ischa maps the evolution within the Brussels mobility industry with the goal to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable urban mobility.

Joeri Thijs

Climate Problem & Solutions

Joeri Thijs works at Greenpeace Belgium for 15 years. He is spokesperson, and expert on climate and mobility. Greenpeace is a watchdog, but also actively proposes solutions by publishing scientifically based alternative scenarios for eg a mobility, energy sector or agricultural sector in line with the climate challenge.

Johan Hellemans

Traffic and Smart Cities Expert

Johan is a Traffic Engineer at Siemens Mobility Intelligent Traffic Systems, trying to optimize the perfomance of approx 2K traffic intersections equipped with traffic lights in a data driven way.

Kris Clinckx

Mobility Business Model Expert

Ir. Kris Clinckx is since 2005 active in the domain of Mobility and public transport. He occupied different positions within Siemens Mobility and gained a broad knowledge of the public transport sector, technology wise and business wise.

Paul Theyskens

Business Ecosystem Innovation Expert

Paul has 20 years of experience in business development of big websites. Strategy and innovation are his focus. He's currently working as an intrapreneur on Mobility as a Service ecosystem for De Lijn.

Philippe Lebeau

Sustainable City Logistics Expert

Philippe Lebeau is a member of the research group MOBI. He completed his PhD on the electrification of the logistic networks with a strong focus on the urban areas. He is now Assistant at the Solvay Business School and keeps working in the field of sustainable logistics

Rob Roemers

Mobility Data & Analytics

Rob is the manager of the team responsible for BI, data and analytics at STIB/MIVB (Bxl Public Transport). Hacking mobility is their day job. Rob has a background as an entrepreneur in this field and has a deep knowledge of BI, Data, Visualization and predictive analytics.

Tim Vanmarcke

Facilitator Mobility Theme

Tim Vanmarcke (also know as "The Playful Challenger") wants to challenge individuals, teams and organisations to be responsible, autonomous and self-organizing.

Yves Siperius

Public Transport Expert

Yves Siperius is since 2008 active in the domain of Mobilty and public transport at Siemens. As business unit manager within Siemens Mobility he gained a broad knowledge of the public transport sector, technology wise and business wise.


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Radical ideas for transport

are required!

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