Fabulous Food through Sustainable Agriculture

Our food and agricultural systems threaten the planet’s vulnerable ecosystems. Many food producers are struggling to produce against the odds of climate change and market pricing mechanisms. So how might we create more sustainable food production systems while making healthy food accessible for all?


  • Improving Food Resilience

    Find ways to improve the resilience of our food systems, against the risks of systemic disruptions.


    Encourage households and the food processing industry to undertake actions towards reducing their food waste.


    Bringing agriculture and food production into the heart of the city.


    Helping farmers put a stop to soil degradation.

Workshops and More


Elke Markey

Food Waste Warrior

Elke is a food waste expert from FoodWIN, helping mainly cities and canteens reduce their food waste. In doing so, we save money, rescue food and prevent unnecessary greenhouse gasses.

Gil op de Beeck

Food Waste Expert

Gil is Project Manager @ FoodWIN

Gwenny Nurtantio

Food Waste Warrior

Jr Consultant Engineer at Altran by day, challenge-addict entrepreneur by night. Co-organizer and community manager of the JUST KEEP IT Challenge – 21 days Zero Food Waste (2.5K participants - Gwenny holds a Master Degree in Business Engineering with a specialization in Business & Technology (Solvay VUB).

Jasmien Wildemeersch

Food Theme Curator

Jasmien is co-director at FoodWIN. Jasmien holds a PhD in Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University. She is the author of several scientific and other publications, o.a. a book on ecological fruit production. Besides being an excellent researcher, Jasmien is a strategic and innovative thinker.

Maxime Willems

Food Waste Science Expert

Founder @ foodlab & incubator Proef!

Pierre Lacroix

Landscape & Food Resilience

Landscape architect, drawer, nature animator, ecologist & activist, Pierre works in the Urban Ecology Centre ( in various participatory action-research projects. His thesis, made out of science and comics ( explores trajectories of the territories in the Anthropocene, He is regularly solicited as a resilience expert/lecturer.

Prof. Jijakli Haïssam

Urban Agriculture

Prof. H. Jijakli develops research's on urban agriculture at the University of Li̬ge. Several (inter)national research projects are underway and he has to his credit more than 400 scientific outputs (including 125 refereed articles; 7 patents, 3 spin-offs). He created the Research Centre in Urban Agriculture (

Sarah Garre

Food Expert

I work on a better understanding of soil-plant interactions. I am convinced that scientific innovation in the agricultural world will come through a real connection between scientific domains and various actors. I want to develop a stimulating environment for diverse actors of society to pollinate each other.

Yanni Garcia

Business Model & Pitching

I am a business coach for people willing to start their own business with a focus on sustainability. My entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of PlantHive and FarmTech Society allows me to challenge ideas from the business model to the financial plan.

Yoneko Nurtantio

Food Waste Warrior

Speaker and author of the book Zéro gaspi! (Larousse), Yoneko coorganized the JUST KEEP IT challenge - 21 days Zero Food Waste (2.5k participants • Her dream for 2019: bringing 500 single mothers to cook every day in a healthy, easy, cheap and #zerofoodwaste way!


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