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Media is blamed for sensationalism, bias and encouraging social divisions. This while it has a pivotal role to keep the public informed and protect democracy. Let’s come up with new media concepts that aren’t prone to clickbait, sensationalism and lazy reporting, while still exploiting the very best that new technology has to offer!


  • Creating Smarter Media Consumers

    How might we help people become more critical and engaged consumers of media?

  • On-demand Media

    Create new forms of personalised, on-demand content and services, with a sustainable business model.

  • Move Society

    Come up with media initiatives that unify people and create massive positive societal impact.

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Annelore Deprez

Fake News

I'm a senior researcher at Artevelde University College and Ghent University. I'm studying social issues from a social scientific perspective. Currently, my research adresses news wisdom among young people with a specific focus on fake news. I'm also conducting studies on digital stress.

Dorien Luyckx

University of Antwerp

I research business models and strategy for news media at the University of Antwerp. I focus on the relationship between news media and their main stakeholders: readers and advertisers, to find solutions to strengthen the relationship where needed.

Floris Daelemans

Media Theme Curator

As an innovator for the Flemish Public Broadcaster I have first row insight in the digital evolution of media. Come find me for ideas to improve engagement and trustworthiness of the media in the future.

Maarten Schenk

Fake News Expert

Maarten is the designer and creator of the Trendolizer engine (, which tracks trending content on the internet. At the moment he's using it to detect and debunk fake news and hoaxes going viral so they can be debunked on

Nick Dutry

Media Tech Expert

Nick is part of the Roularta Innovation Lab which has a radar function and looks beyond the horizon for the latest technologies and trends. The Roularta Innovation Lab functions as an intersection of digital and technological innovation at RMG.

Tim Van Lier

Digital Media Expert

Tim is a user researcher who wants to create valuable digital experiences with an innovative angle. His challenge is to introduce a People First-approach at VRT.


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