Zero-waste Consumption

To create a truly circular economic system we have to rethink the retail & consumer goods sectors. What would a retailer that only uses reusable packaging look like? How would the returns systems and logistics be arranged? And how could the producers still brand their products? Come to Hack Belgium and create the answer yourself!


  • No more fashion waste

    Let’s get everybody dressed up in personalised, ecodesigned clothing.

  • No more plastics in packaging

    Find a way to encourage companies to introduce ecodesigned packaging into their supply chains.

  • No more furniture waste

    Let’s explore the solutions for repairing, refurbishing and remanufacturing furniture.

Workshops and More


Bart Dooms

Sustainability Circular Economy

OnePlanet VITO, Sustainable Development Goals, bootcamp VITO, VITO Open Data Science

Charlotte Dewilde

Circular Economy

As a project manager for circular economy, I have experience in circular economy (incl. sharing economy). Currently, I am working on circular procurement. I am drafting a standard tender concerning circular procurement of IT. Furthermore, I am also facilitator in the Green Deal Circular Procurement.

Evelyn Lafond

Sustainable Design & Fashion

I'm working on the transition to a sustainable materials policy. Through awards, tools and projects we stimulate ecodesign and sustainable fashion among designers and entrepreneurs. I haven't bought any new clothes myself for 4 years and, by organizing swapping events, I want to encourage others to consume less.

Frank Dingemans

Reuse and Redesign of Furniture

Innovation Manager: Sustainability and behavioural change. Master in social sciences and applied economics. Started up his own social enterprise in the field of sustainable behavioural change on mass events: “Ecofest”. For The Circularity Centre of Antwerp he initiated a number of new earning models for more reuse.

Jasmien Wynants

Circularity, Sustainability in Fashion

Jasmien Wynants is a Project Manager at Flanders DC. She's working on sustainability in fashion for the past for years. She's responsible for the Close The Loop platform and coaches fashion companies in implementing circular economy strategies.

Johan Geysen

Sustainability, Circular Design

Sustainability, Healthtech & Life Sciences pro. Currently active as New Venture Manager for VITO; starting up a business in circular manufacturing of cellulose products and supporting sustainable entrepreneurship North & South: through the ‘Roadmap to Circular’ program; for OVO (Ondernemers voor Ondernemers); the ClimateLaunchpad (Climate KIC); the Cleantech Challenge (AFT/AFD),...

Johan Vangrunderbeek

SME Innovation Support

Setting up innovation projects with SME's: connecting to adequate expertise, looking for co-finance, evaluating IP and freedom to operate position.

Karine Van Doorsselaer

Circular Economy Packaging

Karine Van Doorsselaer teaches for 25 years 'Ecodesign'. During the session she will guide you through the principles of the circular economy to inspire you to find innovative packaging sollutions.

Mathias Merckx

Second Hand Sales

Already 5 years of experience in the sales of second hand goods and coaching of people in the social economy. Very interested in circulair economy models.

Ralph Van Crombrugge

Lego Serious Play Facilitator

Bringing alignment between your co-project values and your own values using Design and Visual Thinking, User Experience (UX) and Play together. Product Owner in the world of Agile, certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, workshop designer, cross-generation and cross-cultural collaboration and dad.

Xavier Speeleveld

Design Thinking and Business Modeling

Co-founder at innovation agency The Argonauts. Forging a meaningful organizational culture that promotes purpose-led innovation. Bringing people together to build a culture of innovation and discovery. I'm a follower of the main trends, technologies and future thinking.

Yolan Gielen

Circular Consumption Curator

Everything on my path made me what I am now: a sustainable change-maker. Change is uncomfortable, it needs an inspiring and motivating context. That is what I like to build, and where I find common ground with Hack Belgium.


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