In the course of our work on Hack Belgium, we talk to a lot of innovation managers. And we mean A LOT. In every industry. In companies of all sizes. We often hear the same requests: I would love to see what other innovation managers are doing. How do other companies try to change culture? What are key success factors for innovation? Acceleration programs and bootcamps – what are the best practices? Now that I have a digital tool for idea submission in place, how do I improve quality of ideas? I wish I could start working with other innovation managers on a few Open Innovation projects, one-on-one and maybe in larger groups too.


In the season 2 of our Open Innovation meetups, we’ll bring you outstanding innovation practitioners who will share their hands-on experience and answer any questions you may have.


But beyond answering your questions, we have a secret plan. Our long-term goal is making more Open Innovation happen in Belgium. And this is how we will make is happen:

1 – Bring together like-minded innovators and establishing trust between them through ongoing exchange of experience.

2 – Work out together the essential “rules of engagement” for Open Innovation and sharing these rules within the innovator community.

3 – Trigger Open Innovation opportunities sector by sector through a series of dedicated events (we’re actually starting on those already with our Hack-and-Cheese events… and of course Hack Belgium)




October 26, 2018

Startup experience of working with corporates, from the man who’s been on both sides with Denny Wong, Co-founder of Faqbot.

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February 1, 2019

Internal acceleration programs and open innovation projects with Tom Verheyen, Innovation program manager at EDF Luminus.

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April 26, 2019

With Jurgen De Backer, Global Business Development Manager at Barco.

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  • C-level executives focused on innovation.
  • Corporate, government and SME innovation managers (regardless of their titles).
  • University researchers and technology transfer professionals.
  • Outstanding product and interaction designers, facilitators and engineers.
  • Academic researchers in the field of Innovation.

(Strictly invitation-only. It’s a closed community for open innovation… yes, we’re aware of the irony).

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