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In many countries there is a growing “lost generation” of unemployed youth who have little hope or opportunity to build a better life for themselves. In Belgium too, more than 20% of young people are without work and many see few prospects for meaningful work.

The continued digitisation of our economy and society will likely further erode job prospects, especially for low-skilled people. More than ever, people will need to keep learning and investing in their capabilities to ensure a “future-proof” career.

At the same time, discrimination in the workplace remains a global scourge and the very worst work-related abuses such as forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour still fester.

So join us in creating a new world where all working-age people have meaningful, creative and rewarding work that is free of discrimination and abuse.


Workshop topic 1: Youth


Empowering youth toward meaningful work


In this workshop we’re going to come up with new ideas for fighting the scourge of youth unemployment. It is totally unacceptable that so many young people in this affluent part of the world are stuck in a vicious cycle of unemployment and marginalisation. Let’s come up with new initiatives that reach out to unemployed youth, that give them opportunities for building skills and gaining meaningful work experience.


Workshop topic 2: Digital Skills


Developing and evaluating digital skills


In Belgium and Europe, we have a major shortage of digitally skilled people who are needed to fill jobs in all sectors. According to the EU Commission, we’re missing out on up to 750,000 ICT professional jobs by 2020, and that while youth unemployment is at almost 20%! With digital skills we don’t just mean high-level ICT specialist skills but the increasingly broad set of skills that we all need simply to participate in our increasingly digital societies and economies.

In this workshop we’ll explore initiatives for boosting digital skills among key populations. We’ll look for better ways to (self-)assess people’s digital skills. We’ll come up with new ideas to train and empower unemployed people. And we’ll explore what employers can do to upskill people on the work floor.


Workshop topic 3: Diversity


Fostering diversity & meaningful work for all


Many organisations struggle in building a workforce that properly reflects the diversity of our communities. In this workshop we’ll explore initiatives for building a diverse workforce  where everybody has meaningful work.

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