This week Hack Belgium is ON. In 3 days time, you’ll come up with a solution to a big social challenge, form a team and develop that idea into a viable project.

But how will you make sure that, after Hack Belgium, your project doesn’t fall flat? How will you make your big idea happen?

We want to make that as easy as possible for you. On Day 3 of the event, we’re bringing together organizations and people to help you plan your Life After Hack Belgium.

Who will be there? What will they offer you?


  • VDAB
    Want to create meaningful work for all? Does your Big Idea at Hack Belgium aim to solve youth unemployment, develop digital skills and fostering diversity on the work floor? You can continue working on your project in direct collaboration with VDAB! Come talk to us in our ‘Work Out Room’. Website


  • Digital Wallonia
    Our workshop will address the opportunities for support, networking and financing for startupers in Wallonia. Talk to us to get support for your Hack Belgium startup project!  Website.


  • Innoviris
    We will present funding opportunities for the innovative projects of companies and start-ups located in the Brussels Region. Website.


  • Vlaio
    We’ll introduce you to our tool called ‘blikopener’ that helps people to evaluate their own idea. Website.


  • Hack Belgium Labs
    For those who want to bring the Hack Belgium spirit, activities and results to their office. Whatever you’re loving about Hack Belgium, we can bring it to you. Ask about it at our stand, or ask one of the team. You can recognize us by our flashy red Hack Belgium t-shirts. Website.


  • IMEC Istart:
    Our workshop will give you insights in the support provided by imec.istart, the leading tech start-up accelerator program in Belgium (and no. 1 in Europe), and some tips & tricks on how to prepare a (successful) application. Hack Belgium participants will get the opportunity to interact with the imec.istart team and get some key insights in how to get accepted for our leading accelerator program. Website.


  • The Well:
    We’ll get you started with the Living Lab approach to define and improve your project (focus on health applications). We offer a 15% discount for Hack Belgium projects. Website.


  • VITO & d’ARTigital Studio
    Making your team, service or product, business or art practice future-proof, means planning it to be maximally clean, sustainable, circular. Our workshop will showcase VITO technology that can help you achieving. In addition, an overview will be given of immediate-next events, where you can polish your plan to near perfection & planet-friendly. Learn about the VITO tech transfer opportuities, team & fostering entrepreneurship @vito; proceed your plan through the Climate Launchpad Competition, the G-STIC Student & Researcher Challenges etc. Website.


  • Vlaanderen Circulair
    Do you like Hack Belgium? Then you’ll certainly want to join our Bootcamp circular economy! We’ll dig deeper in the challenge of zero waste retail. We’ll have 5 days to design or improve solutions and at the end there’s a stage for external partners and interested stakeholders who can help you even further, or incorporate your solution! Normally we would only let individuals enter this bootcamp, but we are thinking of letting start-ups join a well. So if you show interest, we can make space and room for start-ups as well. Website.


  • VRT Sandbox
    VRT Sandbox matches startups to the public broadcaster VRT for a short-term collaboration. Selected projects receive the opportunity to scale and/or develop their products, with access to VRT’s infrastructure and technological resources. At the end of the project, partners demonstrate their learnings and insights at our Creative Circle events. Could your big idea from Hack Belgium become a project with the VRT? Talk to the VRT Sandbox folks! Website.


  • MAD Brussels
    We’ll give a presentation of the services offered by MAD to support entrepreneurs. We provide subsidies to finance product development and prototyping, coaching in Fashion and Design or even working studios. We offer you help with subsidies to continue your project and finance your prototype. We can give you consultancy and expertise in Fashion and Design. Website.


  • BECI
    We’ll introduce you to MO; an experiential exhibition space to promote existing or coming urban mobility solutions. Visitors can discover and test innovative products and mobility services for the next 6 months. Several startups are welcomed to receive support (financing, coaching, marketing…) offered by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the Be Starter program. Website.


  • Extrapreneurs (UHDR)
    We’ll tell you all about how to connect corporate resources and entrepreneurs to start new ventures with systemic models. We offer 5 months of training on Systemic Economy models and a coworking space + business coaching. Website.


  • MIC Belgique
    During our workshop, we will give you some tips and tricks to find the right way to priorize your upcoming functionalities using value and complexity indicators to determine what your first version should be. We offer Hack Belgium participants expertise of prototyping and a privileged access to our prototyping program. Website.


  • Le Wagon
    Are you bursting with great ideas? It’s time to do something about it! Le Wagon brings technical skills to creative people. During our 9-week intensive bootcamp, learn how to code your way to entrepreneurship. Come talk to us and get a priority interview for our next bootcamp. Website.


    Our workshop will guide entreprises through the network of Brussels institutions and organisations set up to help businesses, to support or finance Brussels-based entrepreneurs. Website.


  • UCM (Union de Classe Moyenne)
    Nouvelles tendances et usages des consommateurs qui poussent à innover pour créer l’offre alimentaire de demain: insectes, plantes sauvages, vegan, circuits courts,… Comment concilier ces pratiques avec le respect de la législation? Découvrez comment des entrepreneurs belges ont tenté et réussi cette aventure (pâtes aux insectes, fromages vegan, cuisine à base de fleurs,…) tout en respectant les législations en vigueur. Website.


  • Engine cw
    Engine positions itself as an “innovation method provider” towards all entrepreneurs (startups, SME’s, big companies). Therefore we are happy to hold a 20-min-long workshop on the Lean Startup Methodology as we use it for a few years now. We offer Hack Belgium participants A one-month free access to our coworking/acceleration space in Mont-Saint-Guibert (Axisparc). Website


  • Co-Learning
    Too often awesome ideas slowly die after an awesome event. But they don’t deserve to. They deserve to live up to their full potential. We will help you get things done, from building the backlog, detailing the product, prioritizing, creating a walking skeleton. Co-Learning helps your idea reach its full potential. We’ll offer you a choice of several packages ranging from 1-on-1 coaching and training packages to a subscription formula containing a Life After Hack Slach channel and 2 hours of monthly video calls. Website.


  • Digityser
    We’ll talk about the importance of being part of a technical / entrepreneurial community to develop their solution. We’ll explain what you can expect from the team at We’ll invite you to apply for a 4 month free start-up pod starting May 2018. Website.


  • HIVE Blockchain Society ASBL
    We will give you an explanation of what HIVE is about and how we can help projects move forward after hack Belgium with the community. We’ll illustrate this with a concrete example of how smart contracts (blockchain) can actually be used. Our example is a project that aims to raise money for charity (BeCode) with the use of a smart contract. Short summary: Thomas Vanderstraeten says he will run 60km on a specific date, people can send crypto( Ethereum) to the specific smart contract. if he achieves it the money in the smart contract goes to BeCode, otherwise people get their money back.

    Additionally, we will do workshop around fundraising by doing an ICO: why it so appealing, what is so new about it, the advantages/disadvantages but also the problems related to it in Belgium.hich is community driven. Potentially this leads to a follow-up of your project with the whole community helping you move forward. Website.


  • CitySeeders
    In this workshop we will give you all the tools you need to continue the co-creation process that started at Hack Belgium. At the end of our 7 step methodology you will have an actionable plan to find the resource you need to bring your idea to life.By the end of our workshop you will take home your own Crowd Engagement Canvas to get you started. The most dedicated teams will be invited to start a campaign for free!  Website.


  • Startup Factory
    We can fund and accelerate early stage startups with a corporate Partner. Website.


    We will explain you how can help your start-up grow and how to make the best use of our (free) services. Website.


  • Co.Station
    Co.Station’s goal is to boost the digital ecosystem in Belgium, by stimulating entrepreneurship and providing the startup/scaleup community with the tools to innovate & grow. At our stand, find out what we have in store for Hack Belgium alumni! Website.


  • Laurius:
    We will help you to protect your ideas, set up your company, negotiate your joint venture / consulting / commercial contracts, introduce you to my network of VC investors and relevant corporate clients. Hack Belgium participants will receive free advice on the day of the workshop and flexible rates until your company is break-even. Website.

Want to be part of Hack Belgium 2018?

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