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Our food and agricultural systems are helping to destroy the planet’s vulnerable ecosystems, almost 800 million people – especially children – remain undernourished, and closer to home we’re overeating ourselves to death.

The food industry is crying out for innovators like you!

Let’s put a stop to hunger, eliminate food waste and create more sustainable food products that still manage to make life a feast.


Workshop topic 1: Personalised foods


Food for me, myself and I


Consumers want more and more control over their eating patterns. Already food producers and caterers must allow for an ever-wider array of preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Looking ahead consumers will want ever more individually-tailored diets taking account of personal tastes and health factors. Besides the obvious benefits for consumers, such personalization could also be an answer to the food waste problem, since production would be far more responsive to actual demand.

In this workshop we’ll explore opportunities for creating such hyper-personalised products. We’ll explore what those products could look like, how they would be packaged, and where and how they will be sold and distributed to the consumers. Finally, we’ll explore the additional services such as tailored dietary advice and support that consumers will expect from food producers and retailers.

Workshop topic 2: Food diversity


New sources of nutrition


If we are to build a more sustainable food system, then we – especially in the West – will need to be open to more diverse sources of protein and nutrition. Since we can’t expect everyone to suddenly develop a taste for insects or a pure vegan diet, we will have to come up with practical, tasty and commercially viable food products and services that appeal to the masses. Also, such innovation could be key to solving world hunger and malnutrition.

In this workshop, we’ll discover opportunities for creating more sustainable and diverse food products that can entice Western consumers and maybe end hunger and malnutrition while we’re at it.

Workshop topic 3: Bread


Hacking Bread Waste


In Belgium we waste a shocking 345kg of food per person per year, and nearly a third of it is bread. If we could reduce the mountains of bread waste, we’d make a real impact on food waste overall.  In this workshop we’ll explore opportunities for turning bread into a natural resource for other products (e.g. beer) and we’ll look for ways to reduce waste at every step in the supply chain, from factory to supermarket to consumer.

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