Hi, I’m David, representing the small team of fabnet.io. After Hack Belgium 2017, we decided to build a platform that connects machines and makers. This blog post is a shout-out to anyone who wants to help us grow. Are you a machine owner, a (wannabe) maker or an enthusiastic developer? Read on!


What exactly is it we do?

Our BHAG is to create a network of makers, workshops and machines. As a first step, we’re building a platform to connect machines. This platform tracks machines’ access  and usage. It’s a way to optimize the use of machines, and reduce liability and administration while doing so.


Where does this idea come from?

Within 600m from my home there are about 5 wood workshops. Most of them are never used at full capacity. I was looking for a way to make it possible for people with a project idea to get access to the machines they need, without needing to buy new machines. And I thought it would be great for machines owners to sell the use of the machines at moments they don’t need it. But when I talked to owners, it turned out they had already tried this, and they didn’t like it. They didn’t like bargaining about money and responsibilities.

So we’re creating this platform to facilitate making good agreements about money and responsibilities. It reduces liability and administration for everyone. That way makers and machine owners can focus on what matters: collaboration.


Where are we at?

We now have our first test environments running at Faber Makerspace in Antwerp and at Fablab-Brussels. At Faber we’ve already registered more than 4500 usages. This is a big reduction of the administration! And at Fablab-Brussels the students form the Erasmus Hogeschool and the VUB now need to register to be allowed to use the laser cutters, which significantly reduces liability.


What help do we need?

We’re looking for:

  • Owners of fablabs and private workspaces. Do let us know why you would or would not like to share your workshop.
  • People who are looking for machines and workspaces. Tell us what equipment you need (CNC, table saw, welding equipment) and why you’d rather not buy a machine of your own.
  • Developers of all sorts. Thinks this project is cool? Get in touch!

One address: [email protected]


In the picture above: Olivier Coen, David Truyens & Johan Diels.

Would you also love to launch your own inventive project? Join Hack Belgium 2018!

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