DATE: January 18, 2019
TIME: 11:30 to 14:00
WHERE: Cercle de Lorraine – Place Poelaert 6, 1000 Brussels
FREE EVENT: venue and lunch offered by BECI and Hack Belgium


Utilities – they’re the companies that keep our households functioning. Switch off water and energy, stop managing sewage, and we’re back in the dark ages. In this Hack & Cheese we’ll explore opportunities for innovation in a number of shared, pressing challenges, such as:

– How can we manage drought and water shortages better in Belgium?
– How can we create circular water & energy economies, with more reliance on local production and consumption?
– Can we discover new synergies between water and energy networks? What can we learn from each other in our efforts to create smarter, more optimised networks?
– How might we include citizens in the quest for more sustainable water and energy systems?




David Baetens, Senior Project Manager at De Watergroep.

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11:30 Doors open, lunch and cheese served

12:00 Welcome by BECI and Hack Belgium Labs

12:08 Introduction by David Baetens

12:30 Intense brainstorming and rapid-fire pitches

13:10 Networking with cheese and wine left overs

14:00 Time to go back to work – sorry folks!




Water companies, electricity companies, construction and infrastructure companies, regulators and government, NGOs & startups active in the field, scientists & engineers etc. you get the picture.




A different networking type of events where 60 innovation professionals from the private sector (established companies of all sizes and startups), from government and from academia come together. They compare notes on the challenges that keep them up at night, and on the opportunities they see – and figure out where collaboration would be meaningful.

What makes this formula powerful is diversity of the combined network of BECI and Hack Belgium. And of course, the touch of Hack Belgium creative madness and “hacker” attitude guarantee a superlative ideation session and truly outstanding networking. Check all the Hack & Cheese topics.




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