WHEN: December 14, 2018
TIME: 11:30 – 14:00
WHERE: Cercle de Lorraine – Place Poelaert 6, 1000 Brussels
FREE event: venue and lunch offered by BECI and Hack Belgium


The long-standing curative healthcare model we know today is under pressure due to an aging population and a rising prevalence of chronic diseases.

Simultaneously, we’re continuing to witness rapid innovation in biological and digital technologies, innovations that promise a new era of predictive, preventive and personalised care. Our shared responsibility today within the entire healthcare sector, is to effectively and sustainably deploy such healthcare innovations for the benefit of all layers of society.

Healthcare stakeholders across the country are invited to join the quest towards new models of healthcare and self-care, that actively engage patients and lead to longer, healthier lives.  So join us in the healthcare revolution, together we can do much more!




A different networking type of events where 60 innovation professionals from the private sector (established companies of all sizes and startups), from government and from academia come together. They compare notes on the challenges that keep them up at night, and on the opportunities they see – and figure out where collaboration would be meaningful.

What makes this formula powerful is diversity of the combined network of BECI and Hack Belgium. And of course, the touch of Hack Belgium creative madness and “hacker” attitude guarantee a superlative ideation session and truly outstanding networking.




Tania Moerenhout (1982) received her MD degree at the University of Brussels (VUB) in 2007 and an additional certificate (Advanced Master) in family medicine in 2009. While practicing medicine, she developed an interest in philosophy and consequently earned a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Brussels in 2015. In her Master’s thesis, she examined the question whether e-health will cause a revolution or paradigm shift in medicine. She started her doctoral study in Philosophy at the University of Ghent in 2015 in a part-time position combined with clinical work. In 2016-2017, she spent a year as a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Bioethics and Health Law, University of Pittsburgh, USA. There, she focused on the qualitative part of her PhD project. She will continue working on this project for 2 more years (2017-2019) supported by a Clinical Doctoral Grant of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), meanwhile continuing in her part-time position as a general practitioner. ↳ More info




11:30 Doors open, lunch and cheese served

12:00 Welcome by BECI and HACK BELGIUM LABS

12:08 Introduction by Tania Moerenhout, doctor in E-health

12:30 Intense brainstorming and rapid-fire pitches

13:10 Networking with cheese and wine left overs

14:00 Time to go back to work – sorry folks!




Healthcare professionals active in all levels of care, health-tech and digital health engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs, biotech and pharma professionals, medical scientists, healthcare administrators, policy makers, regulators, e-health professionals, health insurance professionals etc. you get the picture.





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