Let’s face it: all the simple problems that companies needed to solve have been solved.  And, most the complex problems have been solved too.

What’s left is the truly thorny, messy, complicated problems where spending days and days on ideation sessions, moving kilograms of post-its and consuming barrels of coffee within the confines of a single company have not been able to help.

But what we saw in the first edition of Hack Belgium did point us to a possible answer: sparks fly and imaginative new solutions happen when companies from completely different industries get together and start talking on subjects of mutual interest.

So, being the curious souls that we are, we’ve decided that we wanted to see what kind of sparks – and cool new things – we could help create.  Over lunch.

What would happen if – for example – we got a Belgian marine engineering company, a global fertilizers manufacturer and a consumer goods maker get together and talk about potential uses for blockchain?

Or, how could a pharmaceutical company collaborate with a city transit authority, a credit card company and an IoT security consultancy while using AI?

And, doing what we do, the way we decided to go about it is through an event.

Which is how the Hack Belgium VIP Innovation Lunches were born.

So, what are those VIP Innovation Lunches?

The Lunches are “professional grade” events for innovation professionals, technology transfer experts, technology entrepreneurs, engineers and geeks of all kinds.

The objective for the Lunches is to get about 40 to 60 innovation managers from across all industries to get to know one another, to share their (unexpected) interests, and to get their brains buzzing with possibilities.

Obviously, if new collaborations come out – all the better.


The first Innovation Lunch is very broad in scope – every innovation professional is welcome, no limits to the discussion topics, every industry and any field of human activity is a fair game.

It is hosted by IBM and will take place on March 16.

The second Innovation Lunch is dedicated to hacking mobility.  We’ll focus on both goods logistics and mobility of humans, so this event is a bit more targeted.

Organized together with BECI’s mobility cluster, it will take place at Cercle de Lorraine on March 30.

So, if you’re as curious as we are about what kind of amazing ideas would come out when a city transport analyst gets talking to a sensors technologist and to an innovation manager from a medical imaging company, join us.

Do note that both Lunches are invitation-only.  So, if you haven’t received your invitation, fill the form below to receive the invitation – and let’s make sparks fly over lunch!


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