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Millions of children around the world still can’t go to school or have access to deplorably bad education, which is penalizing them for life.

Even in Europe, Belgium included, we are leaving many behind, with educational inequality linked to socioeconomic and migrant background remaining high. Also, more generally, there are concerns that our current educational systems are not adequately preparing us for a more knowledge-intensive economy.

While technology is enabling a nascent EdTech revolution, it hasn’t yet fundamentally changed the $4 trillion global education market. So join us in building the future of education, the key to unlocking the full potential of humanity!


Workshop topic 1: Systemic Change


How can we achieve systemic change?


In this workshop we will address the key challenge of education: how can we achieve systemic impact and scale up the innovations happening inside or outside the school system? How might we encourage change in a sector reluctant to too much evolution?  How might we avoid reinventing the wheel? How might we improve collective action of parents, public authorities, teacher training programs, schools and employers towards that common vision? Which tools or services can be designed to increase the impact of the education reforms?


Workshop topic 2: Innovating Schools


Innovating within the school system


In this workshop we will address two interrelated challenges from within the school system. The first is: how can we best teach our children the “change maker” skills they need to survive and prosper in the 21st century? We’re talking empathy, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. The second is: how can we ensure that the best quality education is accessible to everyone? How can we counter the persistent inequality in educational outcomes, linked to socioeconomic backgrounds?

So, what can schools do to better prepare children for their future? How can they personalize education more to the needs of individual children? Can using technology be part of a potential solution?  And how can we better deploy the innovation that is currently happening in “elite” schools to all schools, including schools with vulnerable youth?


Workshop topic 3: Extracurricular Innovation


Innovating outside the school system


In this workshop we will address two interrelated challenges from outside the school system.

We’ll explore novel ideas for extracurricular activities that teach children essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and empathy. We’ll explore ways of engaging a variety of stakeholders including youth groups and sports clubs in educational activities. And we’ll come up with ideas for better orientating – helping children make better decisions about what they want to study and do later in their career.



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