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Accounting for approximately 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, energy is the dominant contributor to climate change. As such, we urgently need to speed up the transition toward a cleaner, CO-neutral energy ecosystem – but we must do so without compromising on affordability and reliable supply. In fact, more than a billion people around the world still lack access to safe, clean energy. And in the developed world our economies and societies are hugely sensitive to energy price rises and supply problems.

Ironically, there is in principle more than enough (renewable) energy in the world. The fundamental problem is getting the right kind of energy to the right place at the right moment. Also, in a local context it is imperative that we build better energy ecosystems where different energy sources and systems work together towards a sustainable and affordable energy system.

So join us in these workshop where we’ll develop tools, models and concepts for accelerating the energy transition!


Workshop topic 1: Energy Access


Access to clean, safe energy in remote locations and developing regions


One in five people worldwide still lacks access to safe, clean energy, relying instead on firewood and candles for heat and light. Energy poverty is the worst kind of poverty.

Also in the developed world, remote villages and rural areas often have sub-par access to reliable, clean energy. In this workshop we will explore solutions for producing, storing and transporting clean energy to off-grid locations.


Workshop topic 2: Positive Energy Blocks


Synergistic energy production and consumption in urban and industrial contexts


In urban and industrial contexts, we’re still wasting huge amounts of energy and missing out on opportunities for better collaboration in the production, storage, transport and consumption of energy. In this workshop, we’ll use the paradigm of Positive Energy Blocks (groups of at least three, connected neighbouring buildings or sites producing on a yearly basis more primary energy than what they use) to explore new tools, collaborations and business models for solving the energy transition problem.


Workshop topic 3: Empowering Prosumers


Helping consumers get the most out of their energy ecosystems.
A workshop powered by Elia!


The energy setup of our households gains in complexity every day. We are moving from passive energy consumers to smart energy prosumers. More and more of us are now producing our own energy through solar panels and storing it with solar boilers and home batteries. Our appliances are becoming smarter and increasingly connected. And the electric car is rapidly becoming a reality. So the technology is there, costs are rapidly decreasing and it all makes sense from an environmental and social perspective.

But the value of producing and storing energy is still not demonstrated for the mass market. Some people believe the investment and effort to manage such systems exceed the income they can extract from it. In this workshop we will explore solutions that empower citizens to get the most value of their home energy ecosystems.

We will address questions such as:

● What should we put in place to incentive citizens to optimize their energy ecosystems?

● What are the barriers that must be removed to facilitate the participation of the prosumers?

● Should the prosumers be able to sell their production excess to other citizens and how should it be organized?

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